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We offer run / strength focussed workouts together with Endurance Project coach Dennis Welch. There is no pace too fast or too slow!! All are welcome and everyone is equally encouraged! You can come train with us on three separate occasions per week now around Bristol, RI.
Check in with us on Meetup:

Tuesday night tempo's

6PM Common Fence point

This run will be a weekly meetup that consists of all types of interval based training. We'll change up the workouts weekly to include tempo intervals throughout the neighborhood, intervals on the golf course, hill repeats on the Sakonnet River Bridge bike path, as well as various other strength and conditioning exercises.This workout is for all fitness levels and paces. We will do the workout by time rather than set distances and therefore we will all start and finish together.  So whether you're a beginner or an advanced level athlete, this group and workout is welcoming to all. Bring the kids, bring your strollers and dogs!! Seriously, ALL are welcome!!  Once summer hits and the days are warmer, we'll even hit the water to cool off post run and do some aqua jogging cooldown workouts!

Thursday night track workout

6PM Mount Hope High school track or Colt State Park

This is an ALL FITNESS LEVELS group track session! We will start the workout by warming up as a group, then will break up into our specific pace groups to complete the programmed weekly workout written up by coaches.  
If you have your own workout planned and are following your own program, feel free to come out and join us anyway.
These workouts will consist of traditional track workouts that might include something like 8 x 400 meters with 400 meter jog recovery, or 3 x 1 mile, etc.  
Aside from just running, we'll also be offering up various forms of other strength and conditioning for those that are interested. This may include sled push/pulls, plyometrics, weight training, etc.  

Sunday run strength & conditioning

8AM Portsmouth High School track

This will be an all inclusive fitness/run/strength workout. We will have equipment there to do sled push/pulls, tire drags, rowing,  wheel barrow pushes, etc.  
Bring the kids and let them run around the fenced in area. All are welcome!

See you soon!