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finding clarity, structure and focus.

Focus, structure and goals!

Clarity is needed when goals have become obscured, progress has halted, or motivation has vanished. Clarity helps if you are looking for support, someone to keep you on the path, or simply a good plan to achieve your goals. Goals are achieved by adding structure and resetting focus. This starts with having fun in the sport. Heldersport helps athletes with swim, bike and run and triathlon especially, through a strong connection with the athlete. If people know where the journey is going and plan together, we can enjoy the journey. Heldersport finds the best in every athlete.

Wim Boonstra
Zell am see / Kaprun Ironman 70.3 in 2016. Finish

For all levels

  • Personal guidance

    Heldersport helps beginners through experts with individual programs.

  • At you own pace

    You work out at your own time and pace.

  • Support

    With Heldersport you can ask all your questions and share all your experiences. Heldersport helps, but the group can be a support as well.

  • Expertise

    Heldersport brings a strong background in training theory in endurance sports, strength training for triathletes and years of racing experience. Additionally, Heldersport has specific attention for women in endurance sports.

Runner looking at sport watch

Coaching style

Heldersport offers services as a trainer and coach specialized in triathlon, but also offers training in swim, bike and run. Coaching is more about people than sport specific aspects, so multiple sports may apply. For women a different approach is needed than for men; everyone is different and Heldersport is committed to optimal development of women in endurance sports. It is about you; what type of coach are you looking for? This is best figured out over (virtual) coffee.

Heldersport helps you progress

Heldersport’s expertise is clarifying; make complicated situations and systems clear and simple. Endurance training can be made quite complicated, but that is not necessary. Wim understands the systems of sports and training, and adds to that with a goal feel for what each athlete needs. In groups and teams he has a unique view on dynamics thanks to his experience in business as well as sports.

Wim has specialized in the specific demands of endurance sports on women; from training approach to strength building, from nutrition to mental coaching. It simply does not work to run a “light male program”to train, because the body needs different stimuli and nutrition to perform optimal. Heldersport guides athletes individually and has custom programs for each athlete. With attention for personal paces, experience, goals, physical and mental possibilities. 

From the experience of having a full-time job and training seriously, Wim also understands how choices are made in work, sports and home life. Keeping the balance is important with ambitions in all areas. Each of these puzzle pieces require energy and attention, and an athlete can only spend their energy once. As a business coach, team-builder and transformation consultant Wim has seen many exceptional people in corporate and sport environments and brings those experiences together in Heldersport.



Ironman finisher Maastricht

Simone has successfully finished her first Ironman last year. Read her story below. After my successfull cooperation with Wim towards the Ironman 70.3 in 2021, ...

Wim Boonstra

Heldersport was founded by Wim Boonstra. Wim is an enthusiastic and energetic person that has been active in endurance sports for many years. Wim has been educated as a triathlon trainer and coach and has worked together in the USA with a worldclass coach.

During high school Wim was already active in swimming, biked many miles to school and slowly built the basis for triathlon. In 1996 Wim did his first multisports event and in 1997 the first sprint triathlon was finished. During his studies many races followed, as well as organisation, training camps and road rides at D.S.T.V. Aloha. Triathlon was here to stay. After some years of biking only, Wim joined T.C. Twente in 2009 and kept racing, riding and started the trainer  education.

Now Wim is a certified level 3 Coach with the Dutch Triathlon Union as well as  TrainingsPeaks Level 2. He has achieved Master level in Neuro Linguistic Programming and is a CISSP and GICSP certified cybersecurity expert.. although those last two do not really help in sports. He brings experience of over 50 event finishes, with 30+ triathlons over many distances, including the marathon and half ironman. More importantly; Heldersport athletes have broken personal bests and achieved podiums under his guidance.

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